Halogen bulb with infrared heating lamp difference
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Infrared quartz lamp, composed of fused quartz tube and the radiating element.
Infrared heating lamp tube is mainly used for industrial heating and drying, such as glass, metal parts, circuit board package, film, and other drying, drying, heating, it is clean, without attachment, convenient installation, temperature controlled. Quartz infrared, far infrared light is made of transparent or translucent quartz glass as the lamp housing can produce near infrared or far infrared radiation spectrum, Heidelberg printing machine can be double near infrared light
On halogen bulb
Halogen lamp and incandescent lamp is the biggest difference is that a point, is the halogen glass enclosure filled with some halogen gas (usually iodine or bromine ), its working principle is: when the filament heats, Hara Ko was evaporated to glass tube wall direction, when approaching the glass wall of the tube, tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 and halogen atoms together, forming a tungsten halogen (iodine tungsten or tungsten bromide ). Tungsten to the glass tube central continues to move, back to be oxidized in the filament, the tungsten is a very unstable compounds, the case of thermal and to decompose into halogen vapor and tungsten, tungsten filament such in deposited on, make up the evaporated part. Through this recycling process, the service life is greatly prolonged ( not only is almost incandescent lamp 4 times), at the same time as the filament can work at higher temperatures, and thus have higher brightness, higher temperature and higher luminescent efficiency.
Because halogen bulb needs to work at higher temperatures, the ordinary glass enclosure at this temperature will melt and flow, so the fused quartz glass ( English: Fused quartz ) instead of the ordinary glass used in halogen bulb, as ordinary glass can cut off ultraviolet quartz glass, but can not, so the halogen bulb emits a ultraviolet band of visible light. Everything has two sides here has been fully reflected : on the one hand to the bulb increases protection measures to reduce ultraviolet radiation, on the other hand, we also use the ultraviolet light to the treatment of some skin diseases or indoors can be obtained in the sun to get tanned skin.
Based on the characteristics of quartz glass tube wall, if the glass stained with oil ( such as touch the bulb glass casing ), will lead to the recycling process is not well done, which greatly affected the life of the bulb, need to use alcohol removal.