LED lights to replace halogen lamp?
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Fine chemical industry is the production of fine chemicals industry known, referred to as " fine chemical ". Fine chemicals meaning, abroad so far is still under discussion. At present, all has the following characteristics of chemical products is known as fine chemicals, i.e.:
1 more varieties, update quickly;
2 production of small, mostly with intermittent production;
3 with functional or end use;
4 complex for many products, such as prescription product performance technical decisions;
The 5 products of high quality requirements;
6 strong commodity, most commodity sales;
7 technology intensive high, require constant technology development of new products and application technology research, attention to technical services;
8 less equipment investment;
9 value added rate higher.
On the efficiency of light, LED energy saving lamp is halogen lamp six times, does not consider other factors, LED energy saving lamp light effect is eight point five times of the halogen lighting effect, and life is a halogen lamp twenty times. The same power, LED energy-saving lamp brightness is it eight point five times.