A xenon lamp and halogen lamp main difference
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Xenon lamps and halogen lamps differences are as follows:
xenon lamp is on high pressure arc discharge lighting xenon lamp bulb, so in addition equipped with additional electronic control device, commonly known as stabilizer, because the lighting xenon lamp needs 23000 volt start voltage, while the ordinary automotive halogen lamps need only 12 volt working voltage stabilizer as the bulb outside of a independent component, a set of xenon lamp reliability to produce main effect, in addition, the stabilizer as a high voltage electrical apparatus, its safety is very important.
If only converted xenon bulb is not corresponding to the replacement of lamps, and can not obtain the ideal effect. Because xenon lamp by arc light, and the arc shape slightly bent, so with the halogen lamp and tidy shape filament, xenon lamp in lamp design would be different. Due to the shape bending, the original halogen lamp focal position can not completely adapt to the arc xenon lamp.
The xenon lamp while life is very long, but because it is not independent, so the ballast is directly related to the quality of the whole system 's lifespan. Sold on the market of the inferior stabilizer, not only can not guarantee and xenon lamp with life, will be generated during the operation of strong electromagnetic interference, affect to the car radio work. Xenon bulb though rarely bad, but because its interior is filled with up to 6 atmospheres of high-pressure xenon and a certain amount of mercury and metal halides, if explosion or leakage not only pollute the environment, also may hurt, hurt vehicle.
why many converted xenon lamp night looks very dazzling, so oncoming drivers cannot see the road? A general halogen lamp using a curved mirror although through a simple modification to xenon lights installed, but because of the focus changes, after refitting is very difficult to produce original halogen lamp clear light cut-off line, part of the light scattering to the illuminating angle. While some of the original high-grade car xenon lights, xenon lights lamps according to feature a specially designed, although look very bright but not glaring, guarantees the high brightness, it will not affect the normal driving of the drivers on the road the other.