Halogen lamp forms very bright future
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As the LED lamp in the worldwide popularity, lighting market a new force suddenly rises.
In the United States of America famous Jiezhuang market HOMEDEPT, see government or power companies continue to give CFL subsidies, 4 installed 13W spiral CFL for USD2.85, for USD7.95, consumers need to pay USD3.97.
LEDRetrolit products in the market also has sales, brand similar to bubble generally sell for around $20, and the Japanese market similar products at USD39.97, PHILIPS prize. Most of the LED lighting products production in china.
A ball bubble halogen lamp is currently popular in the market, 8 installed SYLVANIA72W halogen bulb priced at $12, manufacturers were optimistic about the future of a few years banned incandescent halogen lamp market prospect.
This year's show the total exhibition area with in former years is basically the same, the exhibitors of the more prominent is the PHILIPS, with its more than 20 brands at the same time exhibitors, area substantially more than the previous, featured products is LED various indoor and outdoor lighting, including the addition of Lumileds LED device and a small amount of T5 fluorescent lamps, LED lights with different the use of places and the design, through which light can see the future of LED lighting applications.
In addition to the traditional American companies such as COOPER, Japan and South Korea this year LED enterprises are high-profile exhibitors, Japanese companies include Nichia, CITIZEN, sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, South Korean companies including Samsung, LG, Seoul semiconductor, XLED, including Samsung booth is very mysterious, closed form, permission to enter pay a visit to.
Chinese exhibitors and similar to those in the previous years, LED products as the main product exhibits, indoor lighting products more than outdoor lighting products, one of the more prominent is the BDO , will be the first time LED lighting products debut at the American show, and to a large area with special appeared in front of the audience, the name is ETI. In addition Ningbo Archean also appeared for the first time, silver rain, Kyushu and Self's impressive, they exhibited various types of commercial Zhangui LED lights, shows in its market segment of the professional, an LED unit board
TCP, the sun still appear to Usa Inc, Ayaka, with 36 square meters Yamaojun special appeared on the show.