New fashion of environmental protection and energy saving - halogen lamp
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There is no light no image, modern interior decoration of the United States, a large part is expressed by the light. In a sense, the light is the soul of space. Indoor light is divided into natural light and artificial lighting of the two kind. Artificial lighting not only gives us light, but also created the interior of modern beauty. Many businesses are willing to invest in the lighting above, stores, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, they purchased a variety of attractive appearance of the lighting, are fully taken into account the lighting art effect, especially with the overall style of the echo space.
From the incandescent lamp to fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp light source to the world, the upgrading of the product, bring forth the new through the old, different light source configured with the appropriate light, used in different occasions and play different lighting effect.
Incandescent lamp, it should be the first to enter our memory of the lamp, the lighting energy saving point of view, the incandescent lamp will be phased out. But in some switch on frequent occasions, or require dimming occasions with an incandescent lamp, such as staircases, channel, usually very little light, through a sound controlling device for people to walk at night lighting, lighting time shorter, and flash lights. In addition to the stringent requirements to control electromagnetic interference of the occasion, can also use incandescent lamp. On other occasions, now do not recommend the use of incandescent lamp.
In order to improve the incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp in filling inert gas in addition of a trace of bromine iodine halide halogen or made of a tungsten lamp, is a halogen lamp or halogen tungsten lamp. Tungsten halogen lamp 's bulb must use high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength of the quartz glass, therefore the halogen lamp and often called quartz lamp. Tungsten halogen lamp is the incandescent light bulb, which belongs to the heat radiation, produces is the continuous spectrum of polychromatic light. Tungsten halogen lamp has small volume, high luminous efficiency, temperature stability, almost no light, long life etc..