Metal halide lamp
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This kind of light is provided by a high pressure mercury lamp development, from high purity quartz tube made of quartz tubes, filled in the containing mercury, argon, gallium iodide, iron iodide as well as some of the rare metal halide tungsten electrode by molybdenum belt sealing after forming circuit, and a metal cap or with lead wire ceramic lamp holder as the end. Gallium triiodide in metal halide lamps produced by the spectrum have introduced 403nm and 417nm spectrum of efficacy, this one was used for two compounds processing. Iron iodide is able to provide a wide spectrum of ultraviolet radiation halide, and can enhance the lamp in the 380nm region of the spectrum output, add the iron iodide for metal halide lamps in the light of polymer and daylight film exposure system has very good results. Metal halide lamp spectral energy and some material absorption spectrum is consistent, can rise very fast hardening reaction, can be widely applied to the Philippine forest, screen, PCB, diazo film and plate exposure; in addition, the metal halide lamps can also be applied to different printing and coating industry