Dimmer companion
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Installation of dimmer than for energy-saving light bulbs
Lighting experts suggest that if you only for your lighting make a change, then install dimmer. Energy saving lamp can save, but it is not as good as the incandescent lights, to the user may not be able to adapt to. Then, the dimmer can provide flexible, comfortable, beautiful lighting experience and illumination effect. Even if you have never used the dimmer, it can also save you 4% of energy consumption, because the dimmer circuit system can optimize the energy utilization efficiency.
When you use the dimmer light when cut, you can save energy. Now the dimmer is equipped with remote control, also can match the room lighting system, and can be matched with " security " and " convenient" objective from the definition of the programming.
Halogen bulb is dimmer companion
Halogen lamp and incandescent bulbs, energy-saving 10%-40%, life is 2-3 times. High cost performance, at the same time the halogen bulb is an excellent companion dimmer.
As long as with a dimmer, halogen bulb can also follow the incandescent lamp and light source brightness abode, or process is very stable. The halogen lamp dimming, can prolong the service life, thus saving more energy. The petite size also makes the halogen bulb for track lighting, use more extensive scope.
In contrast, ordinary CFL and cannot adjust brightness. Installation of ballast spending higher costs, and light and shade of the regulation is not a decrescendo type, is the type of phase; each lamp will need to adjust brightness level. Although the LED lamp can adjust the brightness, but the range of relative stenosis.