Metal halide lamp definition and Application
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Metal halogen lamp ( metal halide lamp ) is usually called metal halide lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and by the ultraviolet lamp, made from high purity quartz tube made of quartz tubes, filled in the containing mercury, argon, gallium iodide, iron iodide as well as some of the rare metal halide. Main points for metal halide lamp exposure and the burning lamps, metal halide lamp belongs to the high-strength gas discharge lamp, spectrum between 350-450nm. General mercury UV lights of the highest wave crest is 365nm, and are not suitable for some 380nm, 403nm ink and special application process. These new highest peak ( 380hm, 403nm and 407nm ) can be produced by metal halogen lamp. Halogen lamp and contain mercury and argon mercury UV lamp on the basis of adding iron blend, potassium mixed or other rare earth metal elements blending. Iron blending halogen lamp particularly enhanced 380hm as the highest wave crest. Potassium mixed halogen lamp particularly enhanced 403nm and 417nm wave crest.
Scope of application:
Metal halide lamp is mainly applied to UV UV ink, paint curing, dry film, wet film, green solder and plate exposure. In screen printing and curing with color, especially coating thicker products and white, drying black has prominent effect.
Metal halide lamps can also be applied to different printing and coating industry. Metal halide lamps containing mercury is in and argon mercury UV lamp based on the addition of iron mixing ( Iron Iodide ), potassium ( Gallium Iodide ) blending or other rare earth elements blending ( Rare Earth Metal Iodide ).