Three tricolor energy-saving lamp has the advantage of
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Three tricolor energy-saving lamp has the advantages of small volume, light and soft, good color, elegant; luminous efficiency than ordinary high 3 energy-saving lamps of about 30%, is 5-7 times higher than incandescent lamps, i.e. a 7 WATT three color fluorescent light emitted from the light flux, and a 40 watt incandescent lamp luminous flux the same. When the lamp is energized, encapsulated in light ends of the tungsten filament between the discharge electrodes, ultraviolet ray emitting. Through the fluorescent powder to shortwave radiation ( UV ) converted into visible light. Rare earth three primary colors of fluorescent lamp, comprising yttrium, europium and terbium rare earth fluorescent powder, can emit more light, than ordinary fluorescent lamp is more close to the solar spectrum, compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps to achieve the same light illumination can save 50% energy, three color phosphor is three kind of emission narrowband red ( 611nm ), green ( 545nm ) and blue ( 450nm ) color spectra of the three fluorescent powder mixture.