LED market future development direction
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At present, along with the indoor lighting market unceasing development, how to make more cost-effective products to allow customers to choose, how to develop higher quality of lighting products to consumers, become this year's LED market research topics?
According to the investigation data, the application of LED in China last year the output value of about $2300000000, the average annual growth rate of 29.2%, which is expected by 2015, the LED application value will reach 10300000000 dollar, year increase rate was achieved 31.3%. While such a high growth rate is mainly due to the indoor lighting mainly LED general lighting market fast development. According to the survey, last year, China's general lighting for the overall LED lighting market in 24%, but by 2015 the general lighting in general LED lighting market in proportion will reach 44%. Reached almost 1/2. Therefore, many LED enterprises are beginning to general lighting, application development products.
Experts point out that, in the future, cost-effective power products will become a hot market. At present, such as Samsung, LG and other leading enterprises are introduced the corresponding product. But China's enterprises also must keep their feet, to develop more cost-effective products can win market.
In addition, the quality of lighting is also the pursuit of LED product development focus. The future of 1650W will also be using the 350mA drive LED to replace, so as to achieve a warm white 450-500lm; instead of 75W (or more ) light bulb LED, warm white light flux reaches 1100lm.
In short, LED lighting market prospects are broad, can seize the market, but also to see how enterprises performance.