The LED fluorescent lamp for all automotive lighting
Release time2009-08-24 13:33:33     Browsing times1034
Century Ruiguang launched a new LED fluorescent tubes, built-in shading function, the optimal chip set and package design, allegedly the new LED fluorescent lamp suitable for all vehicles headlights.
This high power LED lamp function can simplify an optical system, with high efficiency and can emit bright light, and does not require the use of any external shading gate, can substantially enhance the brightness. At present, the LED fluorescent lamp with single chip, chip, the three chip, a four chip or five chip such as different versions, applicable to all headlight design, the LED fluorescent lamp can create different patterns of illumination and lighting situations. The LED fluorescent lamp without common silica gel package, using the adhesive in the frame of the glass outer cover to protect the chip, while avoiding the scattering loss.
The LED fluorescent lamp of the luminous flux produced, in accordance with the series chip depending on quantity, ranged from 600mA 165lm ( single chip ) and 2A 1500lm ( five chips). The LED fluorescent lamp in the voltage sustaining 15W invariable situation produces a high brightness, attributed to the chip itself, converter and package method improvement. The five chip version LED thermal resistance is about 4K/W. Built in lens of highly precise shade gate function, the LED fluorescent lamp can provide clear and bright road beam pattern, but no longer as it was before the mechanical brake light shading losses. Compared with the traditional solutions, equipped with depth is reduced substantially, and the glass cover itself makes LED more solid.
The traditional projection system can be generated by the light emission from 25 to 33%, by comparison, LED daylight lamp light is higher than 15%. In addition, the use of LED life for 13000 to 21000 hours, more than the traditional solution, in fact LED daylight lamp life usually longer than the car itself. This LED color temperature of 5800K, very close to the natural daylight, make driving safer. In addition, the LED fluorescent lamp of the oncoming drivers will not dizzy, because the lamp manufacturer can design very precise shade change region. Through a combination of different chip is arranged, is arranged in the lens, the LED fluorescent lamp can create different lighting situations, let people feel special lighting.